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Minus 417

Minus 417 Time Control Firming Cream

Time control firming cream, combats the skins aging process. It contains a high concentration of moisture balancing minerals and unique vitamins; A, B, E F and H, together with horse chestnut extract and other chamomile extracts that help in firming the skin.Category: Anti-agin...

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Minus 417 Vitamin Moisturizer

417 Vitamin moisturizer has a light texture for normal skin. It is rapidly absorbed and contains minerals and vitamins, glucose, amino-acids, protein milk and lanoline oil that gives an all-day long feeling of freshness.Category: Facial moisturizerHow to use: Apply...

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Minus 417 Rich Eye Cream

Minus 417 Delicate Eye cream has a light texture, suitable for the delicate and sensitive areas of the eyes and neck. It assists in preventing skin aging. Contains Vitamin C and Q10 enzyme which soothes the skin, reduces puffiness and smoothes wrinkles.Category...

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Minus 417 Mineral Salt Bath

Mineral Dead Sea bath salts are enriched with minerals and vitamins to pamper and relax your skin. It will make your skin soft and smooth. Category: Body careHow to use: Empty the entire bag's content into a hot bath. Soak the body for 10 minutes and then pat dry w...

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Minus 417 Mineral Mud Mask

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask for deep facial cleansing and regeneration of skin cells. The mud is well absorbed by the pores thus enhancing its cleansing properties while at the same time nourishing the skin with essential minerals and vitamins. Its unique ingredients - sodium, potassium, mag...

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Minus 417 Professional Nail Care Kit

Category: Body careKit includes: Cuticle Oil (30ml); Foot & Nail Moisturizer (50ml); Hand & Nail Moisturizer (50ml) Nail Buffer & Nail Filer.Volume: 30ml + 50ml + 50ml ...

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Minus 417 Boy Butter - Ocean

Minus 417 Body Butter Ocean contains sweet almonds oil, avocado oil, the mango and Shea butter that protects from UV radiation, prevents skin aging and gives the skin a silk texture.Category: Body moisturizerHow to use: After shower, massage a large quantity on you...

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Minus 417 Hygienic Mud Soap

Hygienic mud soap is a unique soap based on Dead Sea mud wich contains dead sea minerals to maintain the skin's own natural balance and to improve its texture.Category: Body careHow to use: Rinse your face and body with warm water, apply the soap with gentle circul...

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Minus 417 Moisturizer Shaving Cream

Moisturizing Shaving Cream for easy, fast and thorough shaving. Contains grape seed oil, ginger root oil, jojoba and carrot oil that smoothens the skin and grant a unique healthy shaving experience.Includes Dead Sea minerals and Vitamin Mineral complex that combines stable vitamins A, B, E,...

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