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Clarins Multi-Active Partners Set

Clarins Multi-Active Partners Set

Multi-Active Day Cream - for all skin types.
The Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream improves the skin's support structure and hydration, reducing early wrinkles and leaving skin smooth, fresh and younger-looking again.

Multi-Active Night Cream - for all skin types.
Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream helps skin recover from daytime stress and reduces early wrinkles. Contains kiwi extract and imudilin that helps boost the cellular renewal cycle during the night and leaves your skin smooth, luminous and younger-looking.

Category: Anti-aging
Set includes:
Multi-Active Day Cream (50ml); Multi-Active Night Cream (50ml)
How to use: Multi-Active Day - Apply each morning after facial cleansing. Multi-Active Night - apply every evening before bed time.
Volume: 50ml + 50ml
Weight: 250g

Clarins Multi-Active Partners Set

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