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Biotherm Homme Day Tripper Kit

Biotherm Homme Day Tripper Kit

Biotherm is a luxury skin care company started by L'Oréal in 1970, under the Luxury Products division.
Biotherm originated from mineral thermal spring water, discovered by the French biologist Mme Jeanine MARISSAL in France. This mineral thermal spring water contains thermal plankton, the key to healthy skin and a potent skin rejuvenator.

Biotherm Homme Age Fitness:
Uses pure olive leaf concentrate and pure extract of thermal plankton to fight the premature signs of ageing.

Aquafitness Shower Gel:
This Aquafitness Body and Hair Shower Gel is gently washes skin and hair without drying with ultra-gentle cleansing and softening agents. Leaves both hair and skin revitalized.

Shaving Foam:
This gentle foam has a formula that helps prevent irritation often associated with shaving, gives a close comfortable shave that soothes the skin. Enriched with minerals, skin-soothing and renewing Thermal Spring Water to treats all skin types. Dermatologist-tested.

Category: Men's skin care
Kit includes: Age Fitness Moisturizer (20ml); Aquafitness Shower Gel (30ml); Shaving Foam (50ml)
How to use: Age Fitness - Apply twice a day after your facial cleansing regiment. Massage into skin until fully absorbed. Apply to the face after shaving. Can be used day and night for optimal skin hydration. Aquafitness Shower gel - use as regular shower wash in the shower. Shaving Foam - massage onto face before shaving until smooth foam is formed.
Volume: 20ml + 30ml + 50ml
Weight: 180g

Biotherm Homme Day Tripper Kit

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